Ground Improvement Techniques: Types and Characteristics

Hello, this is Kkoogongnam. Today, I will discuss the types and characteristics of Ground Improvement Techniques. When constructing high-rise buildings or factories, significant load-bearing capacity is required. If the soil is weak, various techniques are employed to improve it. Let’s outline these techniques as follows. — 0. What is Weak Ground? Weak ground is characterized … Read more

Heavy Rain/Landslide_Effective Stress_Shear Stress

heavy rain/landslide/effective stress/shear stress

Hello. This is Kkoogongnam. Recently, not only Korea, but also India and other countries have been experiencing heavy rainfall. I hope everyone is safe. While watching the news, I thought about why landslides occur when it rains on civil engineering perspective. A landslide is a phenomenon in which soil moves down a slope, such as … Read more